Fire Safety Services

We can provide a full Fire Safety Survey and report to ensure that your building is up to Regulatory Standards. We can provide various services; Fire Stopping, Intumescent Coatings, Passive Fire Protection, Timber Coatings, Concrete Fire Protection and Fire Door installations. 

Asbestos Reports and Removal

We can provide a full Asbestos Survey and report to identify any Hazardous Asbestos prior to your works commencing. We also offer a removal service, ensuring that Asbestos is disposed of safely and legally, or an encapsulation service where appropriate.

Environmental Service

We understand that waste management and fly-tipping is an ever-growing problem and cause for concern for our clients. It is anti-social and attracts vermin which can cause £1000’s worth of damage to your buildings. We can provide you with various waste solutions.

We can attend your sites at busier times to clear the overflow that your local council will not remove.

We can provide a Single Item Removal Service

We can provide a Void Clearance Service

We can provide a Fly Tip Clearance Service